BGC Market Data is able to deliver the data in the ways best suited for your enterprise needs, directly over BGC’s unified electronic trading platform, via our distribution vendor partners, and over the internet. Whether your valuations require real-time updates, intra-day or end-ofday snapshots, or access to historical archives, BGC Market Data will have a solution that can be tailored to your purpose.
BGC’s “direct-from-the-desk” model, combined with the breadth of coverage, ensures that clients as well as third-party valuation providers, have the necessary and accurate information required to confidently power their applications including:

• Risk Evaluation and Management
• Portfolio Management
• Asset Evaluations
• Programmatic Trading
• Algorithmic Strategy Testing


BGC Market Data is available in Real-time Streaming format via the BGC Direct Feed, and via BGC Partners' market data Vendor partners. For a list of the asset classes carried via the BGC Direct Feed, please refer to the Market Data inventory. For listings of the BGC market data carried by independent vendors, please refer to their respective index menus.

End-of-Day and Intra-Day Snapshot data is available via the BGC Market Data FTP service, or via select Vendor Partners services such as Thomson Reuters Datascope Select and Datascope Tick History. End-Of-Day and Intra Day Snap times will vary per asset class and geographic coverage, and customized files can be created to fit clients' needs.
A full listing of End-of-Day and Snapshot services available from the BGC FTP services can be found in the Product section of this site, but includes;

- Interest Rates Swaps and Interest Rate Options
- Credit Default Swaps
- European Government Bonds
- Non-Deliverable Forwards
- FX and FX Options
- Inflation Derivatives


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